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Each of the highly collected mineral, gemstone, rough and crystal specimens in our gallery were earth mined at the Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst mine in Wilkes Co., Ga. The North American Jacksons Crossroads JXR Georgia mine is known for producing high grade, dark purple with red flash collectible amethyst clusters, amethyst rough  and amethyst mineral crystals. We have had several museum worthy amethyst strikes at the JXR mine and our specimens reside not only in places like the Smithsonian Institution but in many exclusive private mineral specimen collections around the United States. Other gemstone specimens such as clear quartz clusters form in our deposit as well. If you are interested in purchasing breathtaking Amethyst specimens or other amazing mineral and crystal specimens from the JXR Amethyst Mine please view the "contact us" page. Contact us for digging at the Jackson Crossroads amethyst mine and for directions to the JXR Ga. amethyst mine. To find out more about the Jacksons Crossroads Amethyst Mine please visit our "about us" page. We encourage you to come out and visit to see why we are listed as one of the most important mines in North America to date.

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