We are currently closed except for the 2nd weekend of each month excluding Dec - March.  We will be open on the following dates after the Shindig: October 7th, November 11.  Reservations are only needed for November 11.  

We will have a Fall Shindig on September 30-October 3.  Shindig Entry is $50 adult/ $25 per child first day and $40/$15 every day after.  Primitive Camping available, Porta Potties on site, food and water available, PLUS we just added pick up service for those who would prefer not/can't walk and carry rocks.  FRESH DIRT for EVERYONE DAILY!!  We will have a machine on site to turn dirt every afternoon after closing so that there is access to fresh dirt daily!!  

 The entry for regular dig days are $25 per adult and 15 per child 15 and under.  Due to the Denver Show we will not have a dig on the 2nd  weekend in September plus the SHindig will be right around that time.  If You have a group larger than 20 people we will do private digs on any date.    Please contact us to schedule.  If you have any questions please message Rachael Ledford or give me call. (Messaging thru email or Facebook is best.)  Email @ jxrmining@gmail.com  Hope to see you at the digs!!  Please visit the Jacksons Crossroads FaceBook Page for more details on events!!

We are now taking reservations for November 11.  If you have other dates you would like to try please let me know and we will see what and who we an get to join to make it possible if you do not have 20 or more people.  You can also find us on the Facebook Page Jacksons Crossroads Amethyst Mine.  Please message me at jxrmining@gmail.com for digging reservations.


            Welcome to digging at Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Mine! We offer people the opportunity to find their own crystal treasure on the top ground where it is safe for all to dig. We have granite that you can crack open or piles that have been brought from the pit to the top for safe digging. All we ask is that you please follow our rules while visiting, it's for your safety and the others around you. Please note if the rules are not followed, you will be asked to leave and possibly not return to dig.


#1 - We ask that you stay on top ground, away from the edges of the walls. DO NOT go into the pit.

#2 - Please DO NOT damage any property, tools or other belongings that might be on the property.

#3 - Please stay off of ALL equipment, if any.

#4 - Be respectful to fellow miners, no claim jumping.

#5 - Pick up all trash that you bring. Please no broken glass.

#6 - No children under 18 unsupervised, ever.

#7 - Please make sure to use and wear the right gear and equipment while digging. Below you will see what is recommended for your dig.

#8 - Never throw anything.

#9 - Do not bring alcohol or drugs to the property.

#10 - Please no climbing above anyone. Rocks do tend to roll when someone is climbing above so please us extra caution.

#11 - No power tools.  

#12 - Do NOT enter the PIT!!! Stay outside the roped-off perimeter.

Jackson's Crossroads is mostly white sand and granite with thick mud. The mud/dirt contains many little mirco crystals so take caution cleaning crystals. It is best to wait and soak them when you get home to ensure no scratching. If you use Bamboo for extracting the crystals instead of a screwdriver or anything metal there is way less damage, if any.

It rains on and off so it tends to stay a little muddy most of the time. The sun beating down on the white sand/dirt makes the sun even more intense so please wear sunscreen and a hat for protection. It is the hottest in summer so the best time to mine JXR Amethyst Mine is in the spring or fall.


#1 - Boots. 

#2 - Rock hammers, picks, bamboo sticks (chop sticks) and wedges are needed for digging in piles and breaking open granite to find specimens.

#3 - First aid kit.

#4 - Water to keep hydrated and snacks.

#5 - Sunscreen.

#6 - Bucket for collecting.

*****Please see contacts below if you would like to visit. You will need to meet someone and sign a letter of Agreement and Release before entering the mine. The fee for one adult per day is $25.00 and $15.00 per child but is subject to change in case of an event.

If you are interested in fee digging at the Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Mine please contact Rachael or Christopher Ledford at Jxrmining@gmail.com. Please serious inquiries only. Email us at ledfordsminerals@gmail.com to purchase JXR Amethyst or please contact  Rachael Ledford at (303)319-9199.  Email and messenger are the easiest ways to contact. Visit our eBay store by clicking on the "eBay Store" button above or visit us @ Ledfordsminerals.com.


From Tignall, turn off of HWY 17 onto Independence Rd. Head west on Independence St.(Co. Rd. 184) about 7.8 miles and turn right at the Clark Station Baptist Church onto Hollis Norman Rd. The mine is the first driveway on the right.  Please note that if you are coming from Hwy 77 to please take Newtown Rd to get here.  The GPS will lead you on back roads that need 4X4.  If using GPS please put in Tignall GA then once there put in Hollis Norman Rd.  We are the first driveway on the right of Hollis Norman RD.

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